Door Intercom systems




Secueze specialize in the installation of door intercoms in manchester and greater manchester, from a basic 1 door station calling a internal handset, to multidoor residential apartment systems. We can cover every requirement, if you have a application for instance, where you`d like to answer calls at your front door when your not there, we can install a intercom that routes calls to your mobile phone via a GSM intercom, or our hardwired systems can link to your home phones to route all incoming calls to your phones and if no answer can then dial another phone number, with the age of the internet upon us, we can now offer a intercom that routes calls to your PC or handheld device. As well as installation we also maintain other systems, covering basic faults to on-going maintence. All system types can be offered, Audio Only, Video in both Colour or Monochrome.
Our systems can be broken down into three groups. Domestic, Residential and Comercial.
Domestic Our domestic systems offer many features, but offer the same feature, when a vistor arrives, they press a call button this generates a call in your home, you have many options as to how to answer, we can supply one of our standard phones or multiple phones around your home, or we can supply a telephone interface, so a call will cause your internal house phones to ring including cordless phones and even answering machines, our latest system uses GSM technology, the intercom is pressed and it dails a pre stored phone number, this means you can answer your door from anywhere around the world!

Residential Much the same as the domestic systems, but these are aimed for multitennant buildings, depending on the application, we can supply laser cut stainless steel door stations calling anything from 1 flat to 536 flats, with standard features such as privacy so other residents can`t disrupt a conversation between another resident and the door, door open indication to alert people that their comunal front door is open, concerige control, so during the day a porter answers all the incoming calls and converses with the caller prevent cold callers or unwanted vistors. CCTV integration, so on video intercom systems, the picture is actually displayed on the residents televison. The list of possibilites is genuinely to many to list.

Comercial Much like a residential system, a comercial system typically has one call station calling maybe reception or admin office, the difference is connectivity, we can offer multiple connection options to save on installation time and flexability, by far, the most popular option is a intercom that works with your switchboard system (PABX) So a call comes into the system and can call one person at a time (rotary) , or call several people at once (hot dial) , the flexability of the call is totally dependant on the phone system.
We also supply DDA compilant audio and video intercoms, to aid people into buildings that may need assistance if ramps aren`t provided or doors are difficult to open.
Our newest and option is a TCP/IP intercom, we can connect one of our door stations to your computer network (LAN or WAN) and upto 10 Pc`s can recieve and manage the call from upto 20 doors anywhere around the world as long as the door can connect to a TCP/IP connection. Managing multiple sites is now very easy and not as expensive as you may think.

With over 25 years in the electronic security industry, there really isnt a situation we havent seen and havent solved. We support all major UK brands such as:

Aiphone,Bell Systems,Bewator,Fermax,Farfisa,Urmet, Videx are are prefered brands.